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Misbah Omar

Associate Junior Researcher

Misbah Omar is a Libya-based junior associate researcher with the Luiss Mediterranean Platform. He has authored numerous policy papers on political and security developments in Libya. He is also one of the authors of “Violence and Social Transformation in Libya” (ed. Virginie Collombier and Wolfram Lacher, Hurst, 2023).

Misbah has over seven years of experience in peace-building, reconciliation, and youth empowerment in Libya through dialogue, mediation, and policy research. He is a leading member of the Peace Makers Libya team, a group of non-political activists who have led several significant dialogue and mediation initiatives in Libya since January 2015. He also collaborated with the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG) to facilitate community dialogues aimed at curbing violence in Libya.

Misbah holds an MSc in Electronic Engineering (Telecommunication Systems) from the Technical University of Malaysia. He previously worked as a lecturer and director of scientific affairs’ office at the Higher Institute of Science & Technology in Sirte (Libya), and an assistant lecturer at Bani Walid University’s (Libya) Faculty of Computer Science.