The Platform for Libya’s Future

Understanding Libya’s continuing and multi-faceted conflict calls for more in depth analysis of the complexities of the country’s reality. Exiting the current conflict dynamics and building a sustainable peace needs a more constructive and inclusive dialogue on key issues for the country’s future.

The Platform for Libya’s Future is a multi-track project combining field-based research, dialogue support and capacity-building. It is developed and implemented in partnership with a team of young, non-political Libyan activists from different regions of the country.

Key to our work is the production of high-quality research on key drivers of change in Libya, in close cooperation with Libyan and international researchers and experts. We believe in the value of sharing and debating research outputs with political and societal actors in Libya and beyond. Research can feed dialogue, and in turn dialogue can feed research.

In our vision the youth is also central. The Libya Platform supports Libya’s youth, male and female, by helping them gain the skills and knowledge that will help them play a more active and meaningful role in building the future of their country.

Project Pillars

Dialogue Support
Policy Mentorship
Youth Platform
Tendi - Music for Peace

In Focus

Wadi al-Shatii: Struggles Along the Road


30 January 2024

Tendi – Music for Peace Performance

Rome and Brussels 16/18 October 2023,

Violence and Social Transformation in Libya

COLLOMBIER, Virginie and LACHER, Wolfram

10 June 2023

Writing Libya

Sala Ciampi, Villa Blanc, 22/06/2023

National reconciliation and peacebuilding in Algeria : lessons for Libya?


19 April 2022

Factoring the economy into Colombia’s peace agreement: what has failed?

AGUIRRE, Mariano

1 April 2022

Delays in Rebuilding Benghazi: The Case of the al-Sabry Neighbourhood

Libya Platform

30 March 2022

National Reconciliation

Libya Platform

1 January 2022

Constitutional Processes

Libya Platform

1 January 2021

Donors and Partners

This initiative is funded by the European Union in the framework of “The Dialogue Platform for Libya’s Future” project (FPI / 2022/433-693). Its contents are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Peacemakers Libya is a group of non-political Libyan community activists from all regions of Libya. It has worked without interruption, since January 2015, to promote and support an inclusive bottom-up reconciliation process that can strengthen the political resolution of the conflict and help it take root.