Gulf Platform

A decade after the 2011 upheavals, the Middle East’s geopolitical environment is undergoing significant transformations. While the reverberations of a long-lasting cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations, coupled with the destabilising impact of unresolved civil wars, continue to shape MENA international relations, countries in the region have recently taken steps to lower tensions and give diplomacy a chance. The intra-GCC reconciliation, Turkey’s rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, Saudi-Iran talks, the economic and political spill overs from the Abraham Accords are all signs of a Middle Eastern powers’ renewed engagement. This could in time produce a new, more positive, regional order.

On the socio-economic front, under the Visions 2030 the GCC countries have embarked in ambitious reforms which aim to achieve economic diversification, open up the economies and foster societal transformation. At the same time, these countries have increased their attention to the challenges posed by climate change, energy transition and digitalisation, seeking international cooperation to advance their agendas in these areas. In turn, the EU has recently put emphasis on a strategic partnership and enhanced cooperation in key areas of mutual interest with countries from the Gulf region.

Against this fast-evolving backdrop, the Gulf Platform is a research and dialogue initiative focusing on the Gulf region and on Europe-Gulf relationship. The Platform aims to mobilise its network of researchers and experts on the Gulf region’s geo-political, economic and societal trends. The objective is to assist decision-makers both inside and outside the region with in depth, multi-disciplinary and policy-relevant research. The Platform research will also contribute to the sectoral dialogues and track-two initiatives – to be launched in partnership with organisations in the Gulf and in Europe – to advance the prospects of a new regional security architecture. The Platform will provide a venue for discussions between Gulf and EU stakeholders, with a view to foster cooperation between the two regions. It will also design educational offers for practitioners working on the Gulf-EU relationship.








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