About us

The Mediterranean Platform fosters exchanges between the academic, policy and business communities in the broader Mediterranean region and beyond, with a view to contributing to high-quality knowledge production. We aim to promote high-quality, multidisciplinary research through a broad network of academics and analysts based in or with long-established connections to the region. Our studies have the ambition of influencing better-informed decision-making and evidence-based policies. The Platform also helps amplify local perspectives and ensures that they are heard in international debates.

Policy dialogues are central to our vision. They are essential mechanisms to bring together stakeholders, foster international ties and address transnational issues that affect the region. They are helpful for mediation activities and to build common ground among local stakeholders in contexts of conflict. They are also ways to feed operationalisable ideas into international diplomatic and business strategies.

The youth is at the centre of our efforts to better understand the key challenges and opportunities of the region and for designing effective policy responses. The Mediterranean Platform encourages their active participation and contribution to thinking the future of the region. Through tailor-made training and mentorship programmes, it also aims to equip them with the tools to become effective and positive agents of change.

Through executive trainings and educational activities, the Platform encourages transmission of state of the art knowledge and sharing of experiences between researchers and practitioners. Through these activities, we also contribute to the building up of networks and communities of practice among academic, diplomatic, business and civil society circles in the Mediterranean region.

Our Team

Luigi Narbone


Virginie Collombier

Scientific Coordinator

Giovanni Faleg

Senior Fellow

Omar Sheira

Training Manager

Ayoub Lahouioui

Project Manager

David Coccoluto

Research Associate

Meryem Akabouch

Research Associate

Abdelkarim Skouri

Research Associate

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