TG1 Mattina

20 May 2024

Prof. Luigi Narbone and Dr. Shahin Modarres Gilani appeared on TG1 Mattina

On 20 May our Director, Prof. Luigi Narbone, and our Associate Expert, Shahin Modarres Gilani, appeared on TG1 Mattina to discuss the tragic plane crash in Azerbaijan that resulted in the deaths of Iranian President Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

Prof. Narbone emphasized that this was a “serious incident that decapitates the Iranian leadership at a time of great tension.” He also highlighted how this tragedy shifts the focus to the internal political landscape. With Raisi previously emerging as a compromise candidate among various factions in the last elections, the identification of upcoming candidates for future elections opens up multiple possible scenarios.

As Modarres pointed out, the Supreme Leader Khamenei is aging and will not be able to maintain the country’s leadership for much longer. The upcoming elections will witness candidates and major factions clashing for control of the nation.


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