Chatham House

3 July 2023

Libya since 2011: The contours of a new order

Over ten years from the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime, the institutions of the Libyan state remain chronically divided and undermined by systemic corruption. Libya’s bloated security sector comprises diverse networks of armed factions that control territory and operate only nominally under the state’s formal authority. Within this context, the contours of Libya’s post-2011 society are emerging.

This half-day event brought together leading scholars and analysts of Libya to investigate the foundations of Libya’s post-revolutionary order, examine how violence has remade the country and how new groups, networks and identities have formed through conflict.

It drew on the findings from the presenters’ contributions to a newly released edited volume, Violence and Social Transformation in Libya.

This event was held on the record. Simultaneous Arabic-to-English interpretation was available throughout the event.


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