Rai News 24 In un’ora

9 January 2024

Prof. Narbone’s speech analyzed the implications of the war in Gaza.

“There is a gradual and worrying increase in the level of tensions on the northern border with Lebanon”.

On 09/01/24, the director of the Mediterranean Platform, Prof. Luigi Narbone, spoke to Rai News 24 In un’ora about the evolution of events in Gaza.

His analysis started from the role of Israeli public opinion and then shifted to Netanyahu’s leadership and the different viewpoints within his government. Moving towards a broader perspective, Prof. Narbone commented on the growing risks of the conflict spillover on the border with Lebanon and the US decision to engage in active diplomacy to avoid a possible worsening of the regional scenario.

The interview is available in Italian.



1 February 2024

Prof. Luigi Narbone published a commentary about the Israel-Gaza War.


10 January 2024

Prof. Luigi Narbone spoke about the regional impact of the conflict in Gaza.

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10 January 2024

Prof. Narbone commented the increasing Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.