Rai News 24 In un’ora

20 February 2024

Prof. Narbone underlined the gravity of the scenario unfolding in Gaza

This morning our Director, Prof. Narbone, has been once again interviewed by Rai News 24 In un ora.

During the programme, Prof. Narbone commented on the rising diplomatic tensions between Brazil and Israel. Following Israel’s remarks about President Lula, Brazil has, indeed, decided to recall its ambassador, causing a serious diplomatic incident. Prof Narbone used the Brazilian case to highlight the risk of growing ideological divisions, exacerbated by the asymmetric response to the war in Gaza, between the global South and North.

With regard to the latter, he then reminded the audience of the gravity of the scenario unfolding in Gaza. The possibility of an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah would have catastrophic consequences for the Palestinian civilian population and necessarily trigger spill-over instability in Egypt and the wider region.

The interview is available in Italian.


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