Radio3 Mondo

29 February 2024

Prof. Virginie Collombier was hosted by Radio3 Mondo.

Bye bye Tripoli– Attualità Internazionale

On 29/02/2024 our Scientific Coordinator Prof. Virginie Collombier was hosted by Anna Maria Giordano on Radio3 Mondo.

In her intervention, Professor Collombier commented on two recent developments that have brought Libya back into the spotlight. While Libyan militias declared their intention to leave the capital Tripoli after a decade-long presence, a high-level closed-door meeting with the country’s main political representatives took place in Tunis.

In her analysis, Professor Collombier characterised these events as potential manoeuvres by the parties to divert attention from Libya’s escalating political and economic challenges. On the one hand, the Dabaiba government, vulnerable for the first time, faces growing internal and external pressure to form a new government of national unity. At the same time, Libya’s macroeconomic situation is deteriorating, with inflation causing the dinar to depreciate by nearly 25% against the dollar.

Underlining the urgency of the situation, Prof Collombier stressed the need to follow the recent developments in the country with apprehension and to consider Libya (and the Mediterranean) as a key strategic area in today’s world.  From a security perspective, there are growing concerns that Libyan militias may be repositioning their assets in preparation for future clashes, while the growing Russian interference, both official and unofficial, adds an element of uncertainty that could further contribute to the overall deterioration of the situation.

The interview is available in Italian.


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