19 May 2024

Formiche published an interview with Prof. Collombier concerning Russia's strategy in Libya

On 19 May Formiche published an interview with Professor Virginie Collombier, our scientific coordinator. In the interview, Professor Collombier discusses Russia’s dual objectives in Libya: spreading an anti-Western narrative and deepening its activities in Africa. Within Russia strategy, Libya serves as a logistical platform for its’s broader ambitions and destabilisation operations in Africa.

Prof. Collombier explains that since 2014, Russia has taken advantage of new opportunities to challenge Western powers and establish a strategic foothold in Libya. She criticises the inconsistent and often contradictory approach of Western powers to the Libyan conflict.

Russia’s consistent policy and use of hard power, in contrast to the West’s perceived passivity and hypocrisy, have, indeed, significantly strengthened its position and narrative in the region.

The interview is available in Italian.


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