Politics and Management in Middle East and North Africa

Post-Graduate II Level Master Program

Director: Prof. Francesca Maria Corrao

The Master offers an in-depth preparation on the political, economic, financial, and social changes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. The course is designed for post-graduate students and well-established professionals who are working in the region or who intend to kick-start an international career centred on the Mediterranean region.

The objectives of the Master are:

  • to introduce professionals to the main principles of Islamic law and economics and related financial, linguistic, and commercial instruments;
  • to build solid knowledge and awareness on the social and cultural contexts in which the students will operate;
  • provide opportunities for operative interaction between students and professionals from various sectors in Italy and in the MENA region;
  • support proficiency in the use of analytical tools and methodological approaches to interpret the political, economic, and financial opportunities in the wider Mediterranean region;
  • provide the learners with business-oriented knowledge and skills designed for the Arab and Islamic market segments (with specific focus on trade, energy, contractual management, human resources, communication, project management, etc.).

The skillset composing the program’s syllabus is specifically tailored for young professionals in the following sectors:

  • International cooperation
  • Business management
  • Institutional and business-oriented communication
  • Policy consulting and analysis

Full details of the Master (in Italian)