What does Iran really want?

LUISS University, 27/02/2024

What does Iran really want? Making sense of Iran’s regional policies in the context of the Gaza War.

While Israel’s War on Gaza enters into its fifth month, growing tensions between Israel and the US on one side and Iran and the so-called Axis of Resistance on the other, have pushed the region on the brink of a regional conflict. Understanding how Iran adjusts its regional policy in this critical juncture is all the more difficult. Iran continues to deny any direct involvement in the intensification of Hezbollah actions in southern Lebanon, or in the strikes of Iranian backed militias in Iraq and Syria, or in the ongoing Houthi attacks to ships in the Red Sea. Iran has also maintained the channels of communication with Gulf countries open. At the same time, Tehran has not hesitated to use military force, hitting a military structure in North of Iraq, allegedly belonging to Mossad, and an Iranian terrorist group in Pakistan. What is Iran’s real role in the region? How are Iran’s strategy and objectives evolving in the face of current tensions? How is the relationship with pro-Iran groups adjusting to the regional situation?

The first Monthly Mediterranean Platform Roundtable will shed light on the geopolitical dynamics between Iran and its proxies/partners as they likely to shape the ongoing Middle Eastern crisis. The conversation with leading regional analysts will explore the most recent trends and developments.


• Luigi Narbone, Director, Luiss Mediterranean Platform.
• Shahin Modarres Gilani, Director of “Iran Desk” at ITSS Verona.


• Shahram Kholdi, University of Waterloo.
• David Wood, International Crisis Group.
• Tamer Badawi, University of Kent.
• Farea Al-Muslimi, Chatham House.