The Arab Monarchies of the Gulf

Luiss Language Café, from 17:00 to 18:30, 07/05/2024

Book Presentation “The Arab Monarchies of the Gulf”
Author and speaker: Dr. Cinzia Bianco

The presentation is based on the book “Le monarchie arabe del Golfo” published, in Italian, by Il Mulino.

Few contemporary geopolitical stories are as resonant as the rise of the Gulf monarchies: from near-irrelevant players on the Middle Eastern chessboard to the new centre of gravity of the enlarged Mediterranean in a single decade, and finally to key players in the delicate global balances following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This volume investigates the role and dynamics of the countries that secure 20% of the world’s energy resources, act as disruptive forces in global financial balances, and determine political trajectories from the Mediterranean to East Africa and Southwest Asia.

From the Libyan conflict to tensions with Iran, from the security of key routes and nodes to the delicate multipolar game between the United States, China and Russia, the Gulf monarchies are at the centre of strategic interests for Europe and Italy.

In order to respond to these challenges, it is necessary to overcome the long-standing inattention to the Arabian Peninsula by deepening our knowledge of this region.This volume, the first analytical work in Italian by internationally renowned scholars, aims to be an important dowel in this process.