Tendi – Music for Peace Performance

Rome and Brussels 16/18 October 2023,

16 October 2023

Luiss Guido Carli, THE DOME.

The Tendi for Peace collective performed at Luiss University in Rome. Four artists from the Tendi collective played in front of students and faculty, creating unique moments and sharing a message of peace and inclusion.With captivating rhythms and meaningful lyrics, music has the power to transcend boundaries and unite people. Our “Tendi – Music for Peace” initiative builds on this assumption to bring together young Libyan artists to celebrate the universal language of music and promote durable peace.

18 October 2023

EU Mediation COP 2023, Brussels.

The collective travelled to Brussels, where in the framework of the EU Mediation COP 2023, had the splendid opportunity to perform in such an international and prestigious forum.The following day it also animated a workshop discussion titled ‘Music as a vehicle for peacebuilding’.

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