The Gulf Monarchies beyond the Arab spring : changes and challenges


The Gulf region has become an increasingly important international actor but many questions about the six monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council remain unanswered. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, different domestic and international dynamics are at play and the changes in the geopolitics of the Middle East have transformed the regional policies of the states of the Gulf countries. In order to explore these complex issues, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute held a conference on ‘The Gulf region: domestic dynamics and global-regional perspectives. Implications for the EU’ (Florence, Italy, 20-21 April 2015). This E-book captures the range and diversity of the vibrant intellectual debate that took place during the conference. Contributors to this volume analyse the changes and challenges affecting the Gulf monarchies: from the sustainability of their economic model to the security threats arising from the crises in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, from demography and immigration policies to the politicization of sectarian identities, from the international opportunities arising from the new role of GCC states to the confrontation with Iran. This volume offers a range of insights into one of the less known partners of the European Union and provides a valuable reference both for academics and policy-makers.