Fractured stability : war economies and reconstruction in the MENA


The repercussions of MENA conflicts in terms of global security, regional instability, refugee and migrant flows, radicalisation and jihadism, losses in economic growth and development and disruptions in oil production are too important to neglect. Stabilisation and reconstruction remain a priority for all the actors – local, regional and international – which over time have been involved in these conflicts. This eBook is a continuation of the ongoing MEDirections project on the political economy of the post-2011 MENA region and represents an attempt to reflect on the features of post-conflict stabilisation and reconstruction in MENA. It draws on several important contributions presented at the MEDirection’s third Annual Conference on ‘Exiting war economy dynamics: What future for stabilisation and reconstruction in MENA?’ (19-20 November 2018). This eBook is grounded on the belief that there is limited understanding of the current developments and dynamics emerging from MENA conflicts and their implications for policies designed to respond to the challenges they pose for the stability of the region and beyond. The ebook provides a conceptual framework which helps re-conceptualise stabilisation and reconstruction in war-torn conflict countries and to view the current status quo through different lenses, challenging prevailing narratives in the peace-building and reconstruction discourse. It also includes three case studies in which the specific economic, political and social conditions influencing war economy dynamics and post-conflict reconstruction processes are analysed, illustrating the varying MENA experiences of the post-war reconstruction process. Lastly, it also demonstrates how regional and external powers attempt to influence the region through business deals and trade, thus showing the importance of the role of geo-economics and geo-politics in shaping the reconstruction process and the future of the region.