Access to primary data and field-based studies on trends and dynamics affecting the region are vital for policymakers, academics and for the broader international public opinion. Our publications are based on multi-disciplinary research and prioritise policy-relevance. They give space to diverse views from scholars and experts across the region and beyond and address contemporary policy issues. Some publications are also the result of mentorship and coaching activities that the Platform undertakes with local researchers.

Could Regional Stabilization be Consolidated and Last?

Mediterranean Platform Conference

12 February 2024

Wadi al-Shatii: Struggles Along the Road


30 January 2024

Saving the reconciliation process in the Middle East and North Africa: Mission (almost) impossible?


10 November 2023

Violence and Social Transformation in Libya

COLLOMBIER, Virginie and LACHER, Wolfram

10 June 2023

National reconciliation and peacebuilding in Algeria : lessons for Libya?


19 April 2022

Factoring the economy into Colombia’s peace agreement: what has failed?

AGUIRRE, Mariano

1 April 2022