Social Contract

[Funding: German Federal Foreign Office]

The Societal Dialogue around the Social Contract conducted in 2017-2018 focused on the need to create a new social contract between Libyans to ensure social peace. 13 large meetings organised in Tunis brought together into political discussions community leaders, members of municipalities, intellectuals, journalists and artists, youth, key figures from the ethnic and linguistic minorities, as well as representatives of the main political parties and of the divided state institutions.

This Libyan-led, inclusive grassroots dialogue process resulted in the drafting of a Social Contract document which highlighted several areas of consensus considered fundamental for social peace, such as the management of the economy, the way resources are distributed, modes of local governance, migration and citizenship, amnesty and transitional justice.

This document has been publicised in Libya, especially through social media and a dedicated Facebook page, but also shared and discussed with the United Nations Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) which considered it a very valuable and important input to the broader political process and to any national reconciliation process.

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