Constitutional Process

[Funding: NOREF – Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution & German Federal Foreign Office]

In 2016-2017, the Peace Makers team supported Libya’s elected Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) in its outreach activities (particularly among ethnic and linguistic minorities) and helped to mediate between opposing factions within the Assembly.

These efforts resulted in the submission of a new draft constitution by the CDA conciliation committee in April 2017, on which occasion CDA President Nuh al-Maghrabi publicly highlighted the key role played by the Peace Makers in relaunching the constitutional process and reaching an agreement.

While efforts to achieve consensus on a constitution project for Libya have stalled since 2017, the Peace Makers and the Mediterranean Platform team (back then at the EUI MEDirections Programme) have continued to encourage dialogue between Libya’s constituencies and to try and bridge the divides on some of the most contentious issues.

Timeline of initiatives:

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